Which is Best Blogging Platform Free 2024

Much before, Blogging was done just for hobbies and passions, sharing information online, and helping others. But now it’s also a means to earn money. If you are looking for the Best Blogging Platform Free than ever now the choice is only WordPress. We will discuss why and what reasons are behind this myth. You will have to have faith in the facts and this will be revealed in major points. If you have some of more best Blogging platforms then comment with us so that we can add them here.

The best blogging platform 2024 Free:

When you want to know how to start a blog then You search the Best free platform or CMS to have a good-looking blog or website. When beginners start a new blog to make money they need free resources so that they may not try and get full support to edit and make changes in their blog.

The WordPress.com The Best Blogging Platform

WordPress, has been considered as one of the most used and trusted blogging platforms (oh yeah, reasons are discussed just below), While some might ask why not BlogSpot?

BlogSpot, a blogging platform that is owned by the search engine giant Google, though it’s easy to use and setup (WordPress isn’t too hard if we give little time) but lacks lots of factors such as SEO, Customizations, etc. BlogSpot are basically advised for newbie Blogger who know nothing about blogging. But if you are really serious and want to do serious blogging then it’s worth a lot to try “WordPress” as your blogging platform. Wordpress Free best blogging sites and publishing platforms

WordPress isn’t too complicated to use, it just needs a little time.

Getting back to the point,

The reasons behind why WordPress can be considered as the best blogging platform are:-


  • SEO Friendly

One of the best parts of WordPress is that it comes along with tons of SEO features. SEO is defined as Search Engine Optimization, it’s a technique that helps Search Engines to find and give better visibility to your blog/Website and lets you get Organic (free) traffic to the site. Hence the blogging platform is SEO friendly and better for your blog life.

  • Lots of Plugins (Almost Free)

A plugin is a set of software components that adds specific abilities to a blog function thus increasing its efficiency and functions. Unlike in BlogSpot, it had a handful of plugins but in WordPress, you will get tons of it and that’s too in free. WordPress has Lots of Plugins free and paid to enhance your blog position in Google.

  • Themes Availability

Getting the desired looks for your blog is not an easy job as it is and that too in free. In WordPress Theme directory there are 100’s of free theme for various categories which is tested, certified, and stable for use (get regular updates too).

  • Regular Updates

The online world changes rapidly, and every day comes with new threats and viruses waiting for their hosts. WP Regular update is a must for its stability and better stability. With every new update, it (WordPress) comes with new features and better security. Updates occur in an interval of 2 or 3 months (Approximately). You can update it from the dashboard easily.

  • Support  and a Large User Base

Just moved/migrated on to WordPress and don’t know what next? Don’t worry; it has fair good support to help you on. WordPress has a larger user base most of them are active in sharing and gaining knowledge (am also one of them!). So, in midway, if you have a deal to face off, just post your queries and help is not too far.

NB: – New babies’ really don’t have to be Software Geeks; just elementary knowledge is enough to learn.

  • Totally Free

Yea..! It’s all free.

Speaking about the cons is its “Ease of Use” and would give 4.3 out of 5 star.

As you can see I’m a WP user and also a crazy fan, all the above words are my self-experienced words.  There are lots of Blogging platforms like Drupal, LiveJournal, Moveable Type, Typepad, etc but honestly, I have never tried by myself but heard lots of reviews from my fellow users.

What about your experience with WordPress, any love or hate incident with WP? And what’s your favorite Blogging Platform? So are you now satisfied with why WordPress is Best Blogging Platform Free online with a lot of features and the best available resources?

Result: In my and most pro bloggers’ view the best blogging platform for beginners to make money free is Only WordPress.

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