5 Free Website Speed Test tools

Page Speed matters both for the users and for the search bot, and a site’s speed is determined by the time taken to load. Today I am sharing the most used and accurate Website Speed Test tools for your website. These 5 tools are basically made for the webmaster to monitor its websites speed by testing with it. These are totally free services and neither registration is required but helps us get the information which is really important.

Now you can find PageSpeed Insights Website Speed Testing Tool Pingdom from different locations by various online tools. Most of them are GT Metrix and Pingdom tools you may know before.All Website Speed Test tools to Check Web Performance

5  Tools for Website Speed Test:-

1. Gtmetrix

Gtmetrix website has lots of SEO features both premium and free versions. The best part of this website is its simplicity. To have a look at its website speed test. GTmetrix offers you insight into how well your site loads and provides actionable best recommendations on how to optimize it right now.By GTmetrix Analyze your site’s speed and make it faster.

2.  WebPageTest

The site is mainly dedicated to the Website speed test only. Results are given in two sections, 1st it is called as First View (the original time required to load) and 2nd is called as Repeat View (time required for reload).  The blogger can now Run a free web page speed test from all around the globe using real browsers at many users’ connection speeds with elaborated and detailed optimization recommendations to speed up your website. Have a Look at it.  iWEBTOOL Website Speed Test

3. WebToolHub.

Similar to the iWebTool, the site has lots of SEO features. This site is mainly for webmasters. Its website speed testing tools is simple to use and provide almost accurate data.Online WebPagetest Website Performance and Optimization Test

4. PingDom Tools.

It’s actually a Premium (paid) service provider. But the site offers few services is free, and so is its website speed testing tools. You can get the complete data such as total size, and time is taken to load each page of your site. This Website Speed Test tool is mostly used by me for the server speed check. PingDom Tools Website speed test - Pingdom

5. UpTrends Tools.

Uptrends tools give you complete data regarding the time required for each page. It’s simple and easy to use. We need to put the spam code on the given empty box before the use.New Website Speed Test - Uptrends Online

As per the information I would share with you that, if your site takes more than 6sec to load then it’s really a great matter to concern. According to the report, the ideal time to load of any size should be less than 6 sec. Moreover, It’s a well know fact that Site Speed is one of the factors used by Google for identifying quality sites and also for page rank ( if you were unaware, better remember that).

There are several ways to increase the site load, like using a plugin to increase site load but I would discuss that in my next post. So till now, let’s check your site speed first using the above tools. The other Website Speed Test tools like Pingdom are Internet website speed test google offering accurate speed test of your page.

Is your site is under-optimized speed? And which tool are you using for website speed test?

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