10 SEO Search Terms To Learn

Today i would share some basic SEO stuffs that is 10 SEO Search Terms To Learn. If you are having a blog or websites, you might had been working on Optimization for the site. Now a days Search engine optimization for the sites is the key for better search visibility but if you are a new blogger and just started, then its better to first make familiar with some basic SEO Search Terms.

 10 SEO Search Terms

Learn These Top 10 SEO Tips to Get Higher Search Ranking

1. Anchor Text

It is a text that is click-able on the webpage, for example Blogging Tips (Here Blogging Tips is the anchor text and text is link to this site). The anchor text plays a major roles in SEO process and having the Keyword rich anchor text helps Google to understand more about the sites and its content. So, suppose if you have a Technology blog then it would be much helpful if the backlink has”Technology Blog” or “Technology Tips” as their anchor text.


In other word we can simply called as link. Its an hyperlink on another websites directly pointing back to your own websites ( with or without an anchor text). Backlinks are very important for SEO because they directly affect the Page Rank of any web page, hence in other words more the backlinks better for the websites and directly influencing its search rankings.

3. Page Rank

The unique ranking system used only by The Google. Page rank is an algorithm uses to determine the relative important of web pages around the web world by the Google. The main basic behind the algorithm in page rank is the link between the different websites, if there is link (backlink) from a page A to page B then it can be see as a  vote of trust from page A to page B, hence its (page B) authority increases and higher the probability that the page would appear in search result. Google Page rank is given to a websites in order of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

4. No Follow

No Follow are basically a link/backlink from a websites to another sites. This link are usually  obtained or created on blog commenting or when link is paid (e.g sponsors , advertisers). This links are not counted for Page rank and are considered as low quality link. When Google sees the no follow link it does not that pass the page rank juice or in other word Google spider does not follow such links. To find more about 10 SEO Search Terms To Learn you will still read the next 6 lists.

5. Web Crawler

In general, it is called as bot or spider. This are computer program which spreads just like spiderweb ( hence named as) and browses all the web trying to discover new pages and websites via links. This is 1st step done by the search engines ( Yahoo, Google, Bing) on indexation process.


It stands for Search Engine Result Page. Whenever you do a search for a specific keywords on Search Engine (Google, Yahoo) you’ll get a page on it, that page is the SERP.

7. SEM

It stands for Search Engine Marketing and it involves marketing services or promotion of product through search engine. SEM are done by two methods: SEO and PPC. SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and its basically an art of practice or technique to improve the visibility of websites in the organic search results. Whereas, PPC stands for Pay-Per-click and here the website owner purchase paid placement, advertisement and Clicks (Adwords) from search engines.

8. Keyword Density

Its an arithmetic value. To find the keyword density of any web page just divide the number of times particular keyword is used by the total number of words in the web page. It is also an important SEO factor and by maintaining the ratio you can avoid the unknown spam practice.

9. Title Tag

Its the title of the web page or web home page. For SEO benefit, your title tag should contain the main keywords for which you are targeting and should be unique as per as possible. It is one of the main important factors in terms of SEO and Google’s SERP.

10.  Robots.text

Its a set of file usually placed in the root of the domain. This file are used to inform the search engine or its bots about the structure of the websites and sometime it helps in blocking some specific pages or folder sections of the websites.

The above 10 SEO search terms to learn are the basics terms but there are lots more SEO search terms to learn. One should be familiar with these SEO search terms if you are really serious and planning towards blogging carrier.

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