Difference between dofollow and nofollow links

The Offpage seo is more important factor for long term ranking of the website. The Offpage Linking is an significant way to improve Seo, whether somebody links to your site or you are making links to some other site of any niche. If you make a adequate balance between dofollow and no follow links to make perfect back links then the search engine give preference to your website for good ranking. Every one SEO expert first of inquiring that what does nofollow mean for seo and will nofollow links seo value? this will be revealed here with examples. The DoFollow & Nofollow Link: SEO Basics Tips

What are dofollow links and how we can make it?

If your link is “dofollow” the search engine will follow your link and thus the link did its job. This is because the search engine while searching the site looks for external links point.

Dofollow Example:

<a href=”https://blog.paraphrasingstool.com”> paraphrasingstool</a>

You can see how to make “dofollow” link from the above code. And your link will be addressed as dofollow if you have not use any tag in it. It is very authoritative to realize which backlinks are suitable for your site good ranking. In order to make referral traffic on your relevant niche site the good way to get do-follow link. Create original and excellent unique and under stable content to share and link naturally on social media and make them put for Google, yahoo and bing.

What are nofollow links and how we can make it?

If your backlink is “nofollow” the search engine will not get a more mysterious and deeper view in it and completely (Some experts say SE’s give some preference) ignore it and links will be passing without doing its main SEO job. The Nofollow links seo value is very low and some say its zero. There are many tools to do follow links checker. Here see example.

Nofollow Example:

<a href=”https://blog.paraphrasingstool.com” rel=”nofollow”> paraphrasingstool</a>

The above example link has an attribute rel=nofollow revealing that the link will be a no follow the link to search engines  and the SE’s crawlers will not follow this link to give ranking for Offpage seo in any way (Some experts say that SE’s will give some value in minor points). And you see in other ways that, nofollow links are visible to only human readers and getting or giving traffice, but it’s not shown (visible) to the search engine crawlers/bots, they will incomplete crawler the link nor the page backside the link. All you blogger and webmasters can discover the fact behind the link by going to the source code of the page and finding the word nofollow. Like Onpage SEO, off page seo is also important.

In the above code “nofollow” link is used and thus the search engine will ignore it without crawling into it. Still you can get quality traffic from no-follow links so they are not altogether useless. If the webmasters content exact and mattering to interest it will catch read’s attention which will generate more traffic and SE’s will give more juice to the links.


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