Facebook New Tool To Help You To Get True Friend

Getting true friends of Facebook is very hard if you don’t know about someone on the web. Great news for Facebook Fans, Social networking giant has recently announced a new tool which would decide “Who is your real friend” isn’t that eastward for you!  Though, the close friend and acquaintance were introduced last year but this time with an improved mechanism. So get how to make true friends forever by a new Facebook tool.

Facebook New Tool To Help You To Get True Friend
Now, the site will automatically suggest a list of friends by monitoring users’ online interaction to be demoted to ‘acquaintance’ if the friends have not been in contacted for a long time.

Facebook New Tool Features:-

  1. If a friend is added to acquaintances by hitting the button, they will still be seen on the friend list.
    2.     Acquaintances will never find out that they have been downgraded or listed out.
    3.     Fewer posts of the acquaintances in your feed will be seen on recent updates.
    4.     Acquaintances will be avoided by getting all of your life updates.
    5.     Recommendation of Friend List by Facebook which you might not actually want to hear from (Wow! Now I can get rid of my unwanted friends).

On sharing something on Facebook, you can select say “Public” or “Friends” or according to your default setting i.e. “Friends except Acquaintances”.

So, are you planning to use this feature on your Facebook Profile, hmm that’s great then? The steps are just simple, navigate to the “Friends” page and select the Acquaintances list, you will get to see all suggestions. Did you try this latest Facebook New Tool ?

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