Beginners Guide on Forum Posting Tips: Do’s and Don’ts Tips fo Max Benefit

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Forum posting has been an intelligent way to share its experience/knowledge and to learn something about the problems and doubts, and for us the bloggers/webmasters, it’s heaven for free quality backlinks. But, Forum posting is not that straight and easy as it sounds; you will need to first understand some basic guidance / Forum posting tips and it’s Do’s and Don’ts to gain maximum benefits out of it and to avoid the ban.

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Since this post is basically a beginner’s guide, so I will be rather sharing some basic Forum Posting Tips keeping in an account of new and problogger, and new forum users too. This new forum posting tutorial is best who want to know how to do forum posting for good and seo ranking art.

how to do forum posting Best Tips

Some Do’s and Don’ts on Forum posting Tips


Use Your Real Name:

Whenever you register for any forum sites always make a habit to use the real name and avoid using of any fancy name such as “ XYZ”. Fancy names sometimes create a sense of spam.

Use Easy and Simple English:

Good in English! That’s great but do remember that not everyone in the forum will be. Make a habit of using Simple English whenever you post or in giving replies on any discussion in the forum. Simple the words, wider the audience.


Correct the Grammar:

A simple silly mistake in grammar can change the whole meaning of words and a hence lesser chance of getting correct replies / responses. So, check the sentence grammar twice at-least.


Be Social :

Add your Social networking profile link ( Facebook, Google+) whenever there are options to add such on the Forum Sites.


Post queries on right Categories:

These mistakes are generally done by new users. To get correct opinions and responses, posting the queries on the right categories is a must, and moreover, there’s no logic in posting “ About Mobile Reviews ” on the “About TV Reviews” category and hoping for correct responses. Just take your time, be calm, and do correctly.


Watch your Fingers:

 Nobody likes to get Insulted, be it on the real or virtual world; Do you ?! Whenever you post or replies always try to maintain your gentleness. If you don’t agree with others’ opinions or suggestions that’s ok, say it, put up your view and point but then don’t bombard them with all slang words. Be good with others if you expect good in return.


Avoid Posting unnecessarily:

Post/reply only when there is need for, don’t simply post like, That’s Great, I like it; Such replies don’t help or nor it gives benefit to anyone. Keep in mind that forum is meant only for discussion, it’s not a place for casual chat.


Don’t act like Spammer:

There’s no space for spammer and since forum sites are the first choice for spammer, forum admin and moderator are usually more alert and stricter on such activities. Avoid posting repeated questions, copying others post, posting unrelated queries, using slang words, linking on unrelated content. Spammer are banned permanently.


Limit the link on Signature:

Most forums provide extra space for signature, where webmasters are allowed to put its blog/websites link on it (for SEO benefits) but you should be careful while doing that. In general, at most 3 (three) a link is more than enough and if you are thinking of bombarding the signature with 10, 20 number’s link, just hold on! Your account might get banned permanently because of spam works (using forums for only SEO benefits is also a spam work).


So, whenever you look to register on any new forum sites always keep those points on your mind to avoid any unnecessary account banned and to get maximum benefits. This forum posting tip is basically for meant for new users (as I already said) but even-though experienced users can also use this as for reference.

What’s your view on this Beginners Guidance on Forum posting Tips? What more points should be added to make this Guidance a complete one?

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