How to Create & Monetize Your YouTube Channel step by Step

You can easily Signup for AdSense with the help of YouTube in order to sign up for a new AdSense account. For this you have to only enter your account information. But this is ever advised to enter real information for this purpose. you may say why? And the answer is that if you earn lot of money but when the time of money withdraw arrived then you may have some problems with payee name for other detail. So start it with real work and real information.

Only for the fast approval you will have to select “United States” but you may see that now in your own the YouTube is offering AdSense program so don’t try other country other than your country. Afterwards, click the “next step” button to verify your mobile phone number. These Create Monetize YouTube Channel all steps will help you great.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel easy way step by step

Now Create Your YouTube Channel and start Monetization with Videos

You can signup here:

Create Google adsense account: create adsense account for youtube

Here you will have to enable the option “monetization” for YouTube Channel. You can do it with following steps.

Visit then login using your recently created Gmail account.

Then Go to video manager:

Youtube video manager

YouTube will require to enter information for your first channel, fill it what that requires.

How to Start a YouTube Channel

 How to  Enable Youtube Monetization Option:

Go to “video manager”, find channel settings then find the button “enable” to  enable monetization feature for your videos.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Click the enable “account button” after enabling the monetization option.How to enabling the monetization in Youtube

You must Read the monetization agreements of YouTube completely. You must agree the terms and enable all options.

monetization agreements in Youtube

The you will be guided that how monetization features works.  You must study it for your information and forward to next step.

Your 2nd step is complete and now move forward to next one.

In this step you will see how to  integrate YT channel with Google AdSense account. This step is the guide to create you new AdSense account by Google.

Visit YouTube and find “channel settings”  and then find monetization settings option in the middle of the page.

YouTube’s “channel settings”

Not set that  “How will I be paid?”  below and select to “associate an AdSense account.

How will I be paid in Youtube

Press “next” button and you will be on next page.

Click the option with “Yes, Proceed to Google Account sign in” then sign in with your email information. If you are already signed in, then choose the option with “Yes, use my mail name (displayed is your mail name).”

Proceed to Google Account sign in

Click on continue.

You must then Fill in all the required fields and information using your all you real name, address, email, phone number, and more. After you filled up everything, click on “Submit my application.” Next, you need to wait for about 30 minutes to 1 hour for Google to review your application. After the allotted time, Google will email you saying that they have accepted your account request. Do not worry because there is almost a hundred percent chance that they will accept you.

An Important message for you!

After you have created all of this, you must not do anything with your channel. Do not upload any videos into it. To be safe, never touch the channel and just let it sit in there. Also, when logging on to your AdSense account, use only the Gmail account you have created during step 1. You need to create another Gmail account. However, you need to be the one to create it to be on the safe side for this project of ours. Moreover, you can use either real information or fake information when creating the second Gmail account.

Also read this post it will be help you to get adsense account can read ” How to be approved by Google AdSense in Just Two Hours. There you have done all your necessary steps for youtube adsense program.  Now the time have come for you to create your money making best interesting videos with some best techniques that you can rank and win the money game. If you need full non hosted account you can read this post. Proceed to the second tutorial. I pray the you may come with best money making mind by reading this post.

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