Too Much SEO? Google Might Penalize Your Site, Matt Cutts

It might be the worst Nightmare for SEO Companies whose business totally depends on Optimization things. Google’s Matt Cutts has announced an introduction of the new search results in the upcoming month or next few weeks. Said that a site with low-quality content but ideally SEOed to gain better search results would be penalized.

Optimization of your blog may hurt your ranking

Top Reasons Your Website Deserves to Be Penalized By Google

In a recent year, most bloggers claimed that Sites with great quality content have been lacking in search ranking (Google) position to those sites which are just too optimized but lacks Quality Content.

Its promises to give sites having great quality content a better search ranking position above those sites that is not as great but an SEO optimized, Said Mitt Cutts on Google’s new search result.

To hear the Audio clip of the Matt Cutts just follow the link.

You may see its effect on how much google penalizes over-optimization.

We can see that Google is getting smarter with every update and I hope that the hard work done by he real blogger would be paid off with this new search result. Check Google Page rank update 2012 schedule and set your next goal. So be care full to do too much SEO that  Google Might Penalize Your Site that is really a good idea by Matt Cutts.

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