Common Tips to Save your AdSense Account From Getting Banned

If you are reading this page, then it will be sure that you are using Adsense or you are trying to get it with your name. This is the most famous ad network that most of the popular blogger used so far and have used since their blogging career.

It’s very easy to earn money with Adsense but it has a lot of strict to rule that must be followed to comply with pencil boxes if you talk about its rules that a very long to read but in this article we will discuss the main reason that heating handles for a regular Adsense account.

We Must know the main rules that can be the reason for disabling our Adsense account.  Most of the people are worried about the unknown reason that makes their account I think account.

In this article, you will learn how to be safe from disabling your AdSense account.  if you want to get regular income from your website via Google AdSense you must follow the following main road that is strict to be compared with their rules.

Common Tips to Save your AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Never click on your own ads:

if you are the owner of a blog and logged in your AdSense account,  then you must be very pretty to save from accidental click. Google is very fast that can capture your all activity so its very e good way to be safe from I’m there catching machine.  this in match your IP find your cookies mattress and other sources that if you have click on your own ads. so this is the main reason that can disable your account.

Don’t ask to click others:

It’s not a good way to ask others to click your website at if you try this technique to increase your small amount of earning then Google has a very smart software system that can capture your whole chat history from Google listing website other sources and so if they were banned your account.  Google software keep your complete advertisement click history. for your advertisement the main source of income.

Google can allow other ads to display on your website with their ads but never take care download other metals that can variant of asking AdSense tricks. any technique that change we use to ask will be disgrace by Google. try to be saved to share your address code with your email or other social media articles or content.

Never modify AdSense code:

using AdSense ads on your website you may desire to have color change at prices of other formation for advertisement Google allow it for unlimited access. but don’t try to change other phrases words course in Google AdSense. this is against Google policies.

Must know your blog language:

The language for the blog might be an issue in getting your AdSense account banned. This is important because some AdSense users publish articles on unsupported language blogs. Placing the AdSense code in a blog in an unsupported language is forbidden by Google AdSense’s program policies. In the event that you translate an unsupported language blog into supported language, this can additionally be considered a violation to Google.

Avoid Copyright or Gaming information:

AdSense users cannot exhibit their particular ads that are Google pages containing copyrighted material unless they will have the mandatory legal rights for it. Except that some region, Bing AdSense restricts people for putting advertising on playing websites or on contents associated with playing. This can include content material that encourages various other users to position wagers or brings video games for money.

Premium Traffic

It’s a factor to earn traffic for your own Google AdSense-enabled sites, but utilizing compensated website traffic is a very unethical, as well as account-banning practice. Hence, then it wouldn’t be considered a violation if you want to promote your AdSense blogs fairly, you should do it on Facebook, Reddit, and StumbleUpon because.

Avoid Invalid Clicks:

Just because you’re not generating user interest, it doesn’t imply that you employ underhanded techniques to inflate ad clicks. Some of these methods involve using automated impression and click generating tools, repeated manual clicks and impressions.

Apart from that, you ought to don’t also trade clicks with other Google AdSense users or use pay-per-clicking schemes.

Don’t share Forbidden Information:

Bloggers cannot spot Adsense that is google on web pages that violates Google’s content guidelines. For example, information that will be violent, adult or licenses racial discrimination among other individuals, as an author on the material plans page.


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