Enhance More Yоur WordPress Wіth Customization
In case, уоu аrе іn process оf customizing уоur WordPress website thеn уоu ѕhоuld plan thе customization process оf уоur WP site bеfоrе approaching thе coders. The website Look & Design Customization Will Enhance Yоur WordPress and you will get more click-through rate from the very low visitors.  The website theme customization in WordPress and… (0 comment)

Facebook New Tool To Help You To Get True Friend
Getting true friends of Facebook is very hard if you don’t know about someone on the web. Great news for Facebook Fans, Social networking giant has recently announced a new tool which would decide “Who is your real friend” isn’t that eastward for you!  Though, the close friend and acquaintance were introduced last year but this time with… (0 comment)

How To Install WordPress On Xampp Locally
If you want to work locally on any website comprising HTML, java-script, PHP, or any other cms (content management system) then one of the best solutions is here for you. The installation of the Xampp server on your local computer is very easy and you can learn this installation process here. After installing Xampp you… (0 comment)