How to restore Deleted or Lost Posts by Hosting?

Some time issues created in your website hosting companies you may get in trouble. Why! because these is same computer lays in the region that have our data. The speed and specs of these server may change but some time due to weather, electricity and other Technical issues there can be some troubles. I have also face some issues from my hosting and mostly create issues by me.  I was help out by Hosting provider and all the issue was resolved and data was back. But my latest 9 post that I made in 4 days were not these. So I researched and find the issue that I am sharing with you. So here we will see how We can Restore accidentally any deleted or post removed when hosting change with this free manual trick without using any peny. How do we recover a deleted post easily

The main reason to Restore our data & post Back?

When we publish some posts (especially in WordPress) it is indexed in search engine mostly in Google that start  to rank and the newly indexed posts are highly ranked by Google. And this will ruin your website SEO. So If we lost our newly indexed posts it can be result in displaying 404 page errors that is not good in Google’s Eye. The indexed URL are when got this error that can got rank down you site. So that will result to derank your website. So I am sure to store that permalink in with some data in that link. The permalink should be same like the indexed page. So How to restore Deleted Posts will help you in ranking back.

How to restore lost or missing Posts?

So now question arise that what should we do to restore that data back. I have discussed in first previous paragraphs that most of data will be provided by hosting provider and this post is to restore latest post in last 3 days to one week that are not seen in your website. So here are some simple steps that can get back your latest posts back to your blog.

Steps to restore lost posts:

  • Find the website and type your website url in that
  • You will find all latest posts that are cached in this website
  • You can open your site links that are missing in your blog and put back with same permalink that you shared in your social media and you can try to search latest links that are index in Google by typing “” and select tool of time in last week or custom dates.
  • If you did not find your latest page there the you can go to and search your URL
  • and you will find latest post/article of your blog
  • It is necessary to that your site posts permalink should be same that you share in social profiles or indexed in Google.

I mostly that have indexed my site pages since last 7 years and that have been deleted but this website can still provide me that date get back.   Google Cache can also help to search your lost article.  This will have to spend some time to restore your missing or deleted data back in your blog but you can rank well again in Google by showing that you have some special knowleged that can recover my data. You will feel well if you take and follow these steps.

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