How To Download and Print Wikipedia Page in PDF [Tips]

Liked the article in Wikipedia and want that page to print/download in PDF format, then surely this tips on How to download and print Wikipedia page in PDF will be much beneficial for you.

But before that you need to enable the Book Creator (Tool) first. Book Creator Free Wikipedia

Easy Tips on How to download and print Wikipedia page in PDF

Go to Book Creator and click on start book creator.

  • Alternate, Go to Wikipedia Homepage and click on Toolbox, you will see the Book creator option.

1. Now, in the Homepage and search anything that you are interested in. For instance, I will go for the term Google.

Book creator (disable)

2. After getting the desired page just click the option Add this to your page. Refer the screenshot below.

3. Then, you will see a notifications on Show Book. Click on that option and you will be land on the download option page. Refer the screenshot below.

wikipedia Download as PDF

4. There are three format option (PDF, Text and OPenZim) but PDF format is a default set. You can choose according to your desired.

5. Click on download and then rendering process starts to takeoff.

6. The download copy is ready now.

That’s it, now you got the hard copy of the wiki page in PDF format and can be used both for printing (project work purpose) or saving that in computer for a reference.

Are you doing the same steps or have another tricks?

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