Optimal Keyword Density Ratio Prominence & Proximity

When writing some good content that should be SEO base and you want to rank well then it should completely written best Optimal Keyword Density Ratio Percentage and Proximity to have good position so you may have good position in google ranking. This Optimal Keyword Density will tell google that about what is your article. The selection of category , using tags and setting good ration of Keyword Density will rank your article best in google ranking. The whole difference between keyword prominence and keyword proximity will be find from the definitions below.

Selection and Setting the Keyword Density Ratio in your article

Get Keyword Density, Prominence, and Proximity Explaining

What is Keyword Density:

Keyword Density definition reveals the whole function of its purpose. The variety of keywords used in an exceedingly a piece of writing, maybe your article is regarding health tips, and conjointly you wrote a piece of writing on this subject the maximum amount as five hundred words, therefore just you’ll be ready to repeat the keyword “Health Tips” regarding fifteen (3%) times most and ten (2%) times sometimes. The proper apply is preserving the keyword density the maximum amount as 2 hundredth. Nevertheless, the most prohibit is three but that need to by no means that be used.

What is Keyword Prominence:

The location of your keyword in a piece of writing is called “Keyword Prominence”, one factor like if you want to use the Keyword at intervals the start of the article, at intervals the start of the title or at intervals the beginning of your permalink. Very very helpful placement for keyword prominence is; utilizing the keyword in on the high, maybe at intervals the start of the online page title, starting of the permalink, beginning of the define and even in starting of the paragraph.

What is Keyword Proximity:

The some gap between one word and one different word of the keyword is called “Keyword Proximity”, Maybe if my keyword is “SEO Tips 2016” and that i write the title of the article one factor like this “SEO Tips & Tricks of 2017”, this suggests i’ve used eightieth keyword proximity as a results of the precise phrases of the keyword incorporates a distance the maximum amount collectively word, because the 2 words “SEO Tips” area unit okay but the 2017 has distance so you may understand easily.

The all Keyword Density or Keyword Ratio,Keyword Prominence & Keyword Proximity are the major facts that should be kept in mind while writing good content. I you have excessive use of Keywords that you may be penalize from search engine.

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