10 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Improve the Online Web Experience

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If you are happens to be a Google chrome user and a frequent online web traveler, now it’s time to improve your online web experience with this 10 best Google chrome extensions.

Extensions are awesome plugins which adds extra functions to the browser, making surfing more fun and enjoyable.

These 10 best Google chrome extensions are from my own favorite and “must have” extensions, and you could use this as a reference. Hence, can save your time in searching the best among the hundreds of extensions. Best Google Chrome Extensions for 2016

10 Best Google Chrome extensions to install

You can browse all the extensions and select more from the Google Chrome Market.

1. Chrome to Phone

Liked some content/link, you can now send that directly to your android phone*. This extension works awesome; it lets you to send important link and content directly from web to your phone. Items can send be either my right-click menu or directly from the extension icon in the chrome browser. For downloading, link is here.

P.s:- You will also need to install chrome to call in your android phone*.
*Requires phone running Android 2.2 or later.

2. Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker

As the name says, this extensions works by scanning all the link from viruses and unwanted malwares. Even though, if your system is installed with anti-virus software, you can have this extension work in side-by-side

Most importantly, it doesn’t slow down the system or your browsing experience. For downloading, link is here.

3. Google Calendar

This extension from Google helps you to see all the upcoming events and create the same. It actually works as event manager, helps you to manage your time and remind you about the entire event that are supposed to be come.

When an Event is fixed/creates in your page like in Facebook, you can directly add that in your Google calendar. It is working great for me and you too can give a try for once, for downloading link is here.

4. Google Dictionary

It’s one of the best extensions that I like the most. After installation, just double click on any work (new term/word, you are not clear about its definition), a pop up comes in a box form where the definitions of the word/terms is explained in detailed. Hence, improving your vocabulary and that’s too in free of cost.

This extension also works for foreign words, where definitions are translated according to your reference. For downloading, link is here.

5. Readability

Don’t want to be get distracted by ads, junk videos, etc while reading an article on your favourite blog/website; then this extension is worth to use. Readability turns any webpage into more simple and readable format free from all ads, clutters, flash.

Install Readability and relax your eyes while browsing. For downloading, link is here.

6.  Awesome Screenshot

There are lots of screenshot tool available in the Chrome market, but Awesome Screenshot is the best among them with lots of inbuilt features and function.

Awesome Screenshot tool extension is very easy to use and can easily capture entire/selected webpage, add annotation, Share the pictures, save option to yours desired location, lots of editing features and most importantly, awesome screenshot can also save large image. For downloading, link is here.

7. Download Master

With Download Master extension, you can download all the content (images, videos, pdf, document and etc) from any of the webpage you are visiting.

Click on the extension icon and you will see a list of webpage link and content type from which you can select according to your need and download it. For downloading, link is here.

8. Time Stats beta

Do know how much time you spent on web and on in which websites?

Time stats beta collect statistics about your site viewing time and show awesome pie chart on a report.
Pie Chart shows total time you browse, most visited websites, and can also share the statistics report to your  Google plus or Twitter account.
For downloading, link is here.

9. Click & Clean

Want a total control over your privacy and history while browsing? You can have a look on this awesome extension Click & Clean.

It helps you to erase browsing history, Scan your PC for malware, clear cookies and flash cookies, clean up all traces of yours internet activities. It doesn’t slow down the system and works great in protecting your privacy. For downloading, link is here.

10.  Tin Eye Reverse Image Search

It’s actually an Image search engine. It helps to find a high resolution pictures and the source of the image around the internet.

If you happens to be image lover and do search in internet; then you might like Tin Eye Reverse Image Search extension a most. For downloading, link is here.

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These 10 best Google chrome extensions are from my favorite extensions list and have currently installed on my chrome browser. If I  have missed any of the  ’must have”  Google Chrome extensions to include in my list, then let me know through comment. And what is yours 10 best Google Chrome extensions?

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